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  • The Myths of Female Ejaculation:

In this post I’m going to talk about 4 myths of Female Ejaculation then I’ll talk about another 4 in my next post. To be updated with all upcoming posts, join our free subscription mail list now

Enjoy the first part of debunking the Myths of Female Ejaculation with us “Real Sexy Talk”…

  • First Myth: Female Ejaculation doesn’t exist!

This is obviously ridiculous! Multiple researchers, lots of women and me as a doctor believe that Female Ejaculation is a reality; it is not a type of delusion at all. Actually I considered anyone who doesn’t believe that female ejaculation exists, is the one who is in great delusion.
The question is why those people cannot believe the existence of female ejaculation? In my point of view, it’s something related to the major lack of the interest in female’s sexual health over the previous few centuries.

  • Second Myth: Some rare lucky women only can achieve female ejaculation!

That’s absolutely wrong! Any woman who learned how to achieve female ejaculation can do it! Let me tell you something to laugh with me, while I’m searching for information to write about female ejaculation, I read some titles of movies related to female ejaculation, one of them was “Be lucky and watch one of the rare female ejaculators”. That’s remind me of a scene from the well known movie “As Good As it Gets”, that’s scene when Jack Nicholson said “Sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.”
Female Ejaculation is not a gift for a small percentage of females. All females can achieve female ejaculation easily.

  • Third Myth: Female Ejaculation can be achieved only in females with G-spots

This is really funny! In fact all females have G-spots accordingly all females can achieve female ejaculation!
The point is some females have G-spots that are difficult to find especially when they are not sexually excited; this explains why many doctors could not feel those G-spots during medical examination. But from anatomical point of view, all females have paraurethral (skenes) glands thus all of them are capable achieving female ejaculation.
I’ll write a special post about the paraurethral (skenes) glands and female ejaculation later, so join our free subscription mail list to keep updated.
As long as some females can have orgasm easily while other can’t; some females can achieve female ejaculation much easier than others. I’ll discuss the topic of difficult orgasm and ejaculation in my coming posts, so join our free subscription mail list now.

  • Forth Myth: Female Ejaculation can be achieved only via G-spot stimulation 

This is simply wrong, the truth is G-spot stimulation may be helpful in achieving female ejaculation much easier. But still female ejaculation can be achieved with any type of orgasm even anal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, oral orgasm … etc.


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